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Generate revenue by referring top web3 products to your audience.

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For web3 brands and content creators

As long as you have a platform to reach web3 users, you can earn crypto by becoming a web3 affiliate.

Becoming a web3 affiliate is easy now

Refer and earn

Monetize your media channel, blog, website or community. Generate revenue by sharing projects that are relevant to your audience.

Partner with top projects

Partner with projects that are relevant to your community. We make it easy to find new partnerships in our marketplace.

Full analytics and reporting

See full analytics and reports in your affiliate profile. Understand exactly how much you earned and how much you are expected to earn.

Our growing network

Become a part of an amazing network of affiliates pioneering the next generation of web3 marketing.

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Generate Extra Revenue

ShareMint makes it easy to generate extra revenue by sharing relevant projects with your audience. Put the revenue into a community fund or use it to fund the operation of your project.

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Discover new projects in the ShareMint marketplace

Discover web3 affiliate programs in the ShareMint marketplace. Join projects that fit your brand, share your referral link with your audience, and start earning.

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How it works

Start referring and earning in minutes.


Sign in as an affiliate

Sign in as an affiliate to activate your affiliate profile.


Join projects

Become an affiliate for web3 projects that fit your brand on the ShareMint marketplace and receive a unique referral URL.


Generate revenue

Share your referral URL and earn commission for each purchase coming from your audience.

Become a web3 affiliate

Partner with projects that fit your brand and earn by becoming an affiliate.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Who can become an affiliate?

      If you have an audience or community, you can become a successful web3 affiliate.

    • Do I need to pay to become an affiliate?

      No, becoming an affiliate is free.

    • How do I see how much I earned as an affiliate?

      ShareMint provides dashboards to see full analytics and payouts in your affiliate profile.