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For web3 brands and content creators

ShareMint partners are a curated group, picked carefully to ensure high quality. Partners get exclusive opportunities from projects launching a referral program.

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Don't chase after partners in Discord. We'll notify you over email when a project wants to partner. We'll provide you with all the information you need to decide if you want to partner.

Partner with top projects

Partner with projects that are relevant to your community by joining their revenue share program.

Earn revenue for your community

Generate revenue by sharing your referral URL for projects with your audience. Put the revenue into a community fund or use it to fund the operation of your project.

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Become a part of an amazing network of affiliates pioneering the next generation of web3 marketing.

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Join the best in web3

ShareMint partners are a curated group of web3 brands and content creators, picked carefully to ensure high quality.


We are not an alpha group, we are not here to help you get rich quick, we don't deal in hype tactics or fanciful speculation. We are here to help educate and inform and spread information based on logic and facts.


Llamaverse's main focus is giving value back to holders via all of the LlamaLabs ecosystems, platforms, and creating innovative functionality that Llamas can access.


ZenGo is the self-custodial wallet of the future: Never hacked and always recoverable thanks to 3 industry-pioneering technologies.

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How it works

Get revenue share partnership proposals directly to your inbox.


Project sends a proposal

A project picks you from a list of partners and sends a partnership proposal.


Accept proposal

The proposal appears on your dashboard and we notify you over email. You accept it and become an affiliate.


Generate revenue

Share your referral URL and earn commission for each purchase coming from your community.

Generate Extra Revenue

Join revenue share programs and share your referral URL with your audience. Put the revenue into a community fund or use it to fund the operation of your project.

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Become a ShareMint partner

Get exclusive partnership opportunities. Partner with projects that fit your brand and earn by becoming an affiliate.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What are the benefits of being accepted to the partner program?

      As a ShareMint partner you are added to the partner directory. When projects launch a referral program on ShareMint they will be able to partner with you and offer revenue share opportunities and mint access for your audience.

    • What if I'm not accepted to the partner program?

      You can still become an affiliate for ShareMint projects which are listed in the project marketplace but you won’t be listed in the partner directory.

    • Who is partner progam for?

      Anyone with a web3 audience can apply to become a partner. If you run an NFT community, alpha group, web3 blog, or have a large social media following, you can apply to become a partner.

    • How do I see how much I earned as an affiliate?

      ShareMint provides dashboards to see full analytics and payouts in your affiliate profile.

    • How do I become a partner?

      Submit an application to become a partner and we'll get back to you within a week if you've been accepted.

    • Will I get spammed with partnership offers?

      No. Projects send partnership opportunities to partners that fit their brand. We remove low quality projects from spamming our partners.

    • How much does it cost to be a partner?

      Nothing! It's free :)